We’re the new standard…

With hundreds of campaigns and a similar number of combined years of digital strategy behind us, we have the analytics, systems, market experience and strategic partnerships to drive your brand further. Be it Offline or Online Media Buying, Pivotus has you covered.

Why Pivotus?

We’re big enough to exceed your expectations and small enough to care.

  • Streamline
  • Pivot
  • Play
  • Grow
Streamline your digital marketing

With Pivotus, you can roll out your digital marketing in one place, with one smart supplier.

We rapidly understand how your media spend ties in with your business goals, and deliver media strategies that focus on results. From there, we’ll build campaigns that maximise the return from your digital spend across programmatic, social, native, paid search and more.

Pivot for best results

The moment your campaigns hit market, we start looking for insights.

We constantly scan our campaigns for hints of trends, chasing and analysing data so we’re ahead of where the best results can be found.

Being nimble means we will regularly reassign spend throughout the life of a campaign, ensuring your spend is dedicated to the best possible results.

Market-leading dashboards mean you can follow along

Our dashboards detail everything you want to know about your campaign throughout its lifecycle and beyond.

Compare your actual click-through rates with our proprietary industry benchmarks and analyse performance down to channel, creative and strategy levels. More insights help us help you.

Attribution modelling is available, too, if you’re up for it.

Watch your brand grow

Partner with us for the long-term and you’ll see the real benefits of our approach. Every campaign pivot along the way leads to tangible growth for your brand.

We understand that it’s persistent focus over time that delivers both short and long-term growth. We’re here to help you map out the big picture, and every milestone it takes to get there.

What we do best

Programmatic is the stockmarket for digital marketing.
Pivotus is your broker.

We work with brands, independent media buyers and creative agencies.

We’ve built our business to service brands – streamlining their media spend, reporting and analytics for maximum impact—and to be a trusted partner to independent media agencies and creatives.

We’re a trusted partner to drive awareness, traffic and leads.

Clients across a broad range of industries including retail, property, education, politics and wholesale trust us because we consistently deliver on the targets that matter.

Meanwhile, our values drive our behaviour.

Skills are essential. But rock-solid values? They’re something innate to us at Pivotus.

We take ownership of our decisions, we deeply value honesty and we’re passionate about superior customer service.

Our clients

We work with brands, independent media buyers and creative agencies. Our clients span retail, property, education, politics and wholesale because we consistently deliver on the targets that matter.

Our team

Your partners in digital media

Michael Petersen

Founder, CEO

Nicole Hofmeier

General manager

Audrey Fitte-Umark

Strategy Director

Anjan Ramesh

Head of Trading

Adrienne Le Mura

Account Director

Ruther Chan

Account Director

Contact us

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